Parcel Journal Archive, edited by Andrea Rexilius

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Click on the links below the images to download a PDF of an issue:

Parcel One

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Dorbad. Contributors: Erik Anderson, Dan Beachy-Quick, Martin Corless-Smith, Elizabeth Cross, Ben Doyle, Lisa Fishman, Paul Klinger, Christina Mengert, Sandra Miller, Christopher Mulrooney, Caryl Pagel, Craig Santos Perez & Jennifer Reimer, Nate Pritts, Sara Veglahn, Della Watson. Reviews: Anne Heide.

Parcel Two

Featured Artists: Matthew Gottschalk, and Bin Ramke. Contributors: Emily Anderson, Erin M. Bertram, Christophe Cassamassima, Carol Ciavonne, Mark Cunningham, Carrie Hunter, Nicholas Manning, Kristi Maxwell, Srikanth Reddy, Elena Rivera, Susan Scarlata, Brandon Shimoda, Eleni Sikelianos, Laura Sims. Reviews: Anne Heide, Jen Tynes.

Parcel Three

Featured Artists: Noah Saterstrom with William Clements. Contributors: Meg Barboza, Steffen Brown, Bruce Covey, Olivia Cronk, Richard Froude, Claire Hero, Kevin Holden, Hsiao-Shih (Raechel) Lee, Karyna McGlynn, Julie Reid, Philip Sorenson, Michelle Taransky, Lesley Yalen.

Parcel Four

Featured Artist: Amy Reed. Contributors: Jessica Baron, Eric Baus, Matthew Cooperman, Paul Fattaruso, Aby Kaupang, Dorothea Lasky, Eric Linsker, Trey Moody, Jen Tynes, Nicole Zdeb.

Parcel Five

Featured Artists: Austin Dodson, and Marc Gaba. Contributors: Kristin Abraham, Arda Collins, Kara Dorris, Donald Dunbar, Rebecca Guyon, Joshua Harmon, Rebecca Lehmann, Debrah Morkun, Kristin Orser & Jesse Crouse, Bin Ramke. Interview with Marc Gaba: Amy Wright.

  1. […] and Creative Writing at the University of Denver. She is the editor of the online journal Parcel, and co-editor of Marcel. She used to belong to the Denver Quarterly. Her work has appeared in How […]

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