Parcel Journal Archive, edited by Andrea Rexilius

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Parcel One

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Dorbad. Contributors: Erik Anderson, Dan Beachy-Quick, Martin Corless-Smith, Elizabeth Cross, Ben Doyle, Lisa Fishman, Paul Klinger, Christina Mengert, Sandra Miller, Christopher Mulrooney, Caryl Pagel, Craig Santos Perez & Jennifer Reimer, Nate Pritts, Sara Veglahn, Della Watson. Reviews: Anne Heide.

Parcel Two

Featured Artists: Matthew Gottschalk, and Bin Ramke. Contributors: Emily Anderson, Erin M. Bertram, Christophe Cassamassima, Carol Ciavonne, Mark Cunningham, Carrie Hunter, Nicholas Manning, Kristi Maxwell, Srikanth Reddy, Elena Rivera, Susan Scarlata, Brandon Shimoda, Eleni Sikelianos, Laura Sims. Reviews: Anne Heide, Jen Tynes.

Parcel Three

Featured Artists: Noah Saterstrom with William Clements. Contributors: Meg Barboza, Steffen Brown, Bruce Covey, Olivia Cronk, Richard Froude, Claire Hero, Kevin Holden, Hsiao-Shih (Raechel) Lee, Karyna McGlynn, Julie Reid, Philip Sorenson, Michelle Taransky, Lesley Yalen.

Parcel Four

Featured Artist: Amy Reed. Contributors: Jessica Baron, Eric Baus, Matthew Cooperman, Paul Fattaruso, Aby Kaupang, Dorothea Lasky, Eric Linsker, Trey Moody, Jen Tynes, Nicole Zdeb.

Parcel Five

Featured Artists: Austin Dodson, and Marc Gaba. Contributors: Kristin Abraham, Arda Collins, Kara Dorris, Donald Dunbar, Rebecca Guyon, Joshua Harmon, Rebecca Lehmann, Debrah Morkun, Kristin Orser & Jesse Crouse, Bin Ramke. Interview with Marc Gaba: Amy Wright.

Marcel Press

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Currently available titles $8 (postage paid):

Juliana Leslie, Questions for Trees (Minus House)

Lesley Yalen, This Elizabeth (Minus House) [A few copies left]

Susan Scarlata, Lit Instant (Parcel) OUT OF PRINT

Transcribed by Lisa Fishman, The Holy Spirit does not deal in synonomies: Notes by Elizabeth Barrett in the Margins of her Greek and Hebrew Bibles (Parcel)


Nate Pritts, Sonnets for the Fall (Parcel) OUT OF PRINT

Anne Heide, The Blue City (Parcel) OUT OF PRINT